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Warranty Conditions

1. General
IDcapt guarantees any range of readers for a period of 3 years* from the date of delivery (delivery note).
The warranty covers only the hardware components of the product.
If, during the warranty period, the product proves to be defective (at the date of delivery) due to a material or manufacturing defect, IDcapt will repair or replace (at IDcapt’s discretion) the product or its defective parts free of charge.

Due to an increase in counterfeit tags, we would like to point out that all our readers are exclusively compatible with original tags according to the current ISO14443 A/B and ISO18092 standards.

2. Conditions of application of the guarantee
This guarantee only applies if the defective product is presented during the guarantee period accompanied by a copy of the invoice or delivery note. IDcapt reserves the right to refuse the free application of the guarantee if these documents are not presented or if they are incomplete or illegible. This warranty will not apply if the model name or serial number on the product has been altered, erased, deleted or made illegible.

To avoid any damage or loss/erasure of data stored on removable media or accessories, you must have made a copy or removed them before handing over your device to IDcapt under the warranty.

The warranty does not cover the transport costs or the risks associated with the delivery and recovery of the product. Only the return transport costs will be covered by IDcapt.

The warranty does not cover any of the following items:
Periodic maintenance and repairs or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear,
Consumable elements (elements that are expected to be replaced periodically during the life of a product),
Damage or defects resulting from use, operation or handling of the product that does not conform to normal use.

Deterioration or modifications caused by :

– Misuse, including handling resulting in physical, cosmetic or surface deterioration or modification of the product or deterioration of the liquid crystal display,
– Installation or use of the product not in accordance with its intended purpose or the installation and use instructions provided by IDcapt,
– Maintenance of the product not in accordance with the instructions provided by IDcapt
– An installation or use of the product that does not comply with the standards or technical or safety regulations in force in the country where it is installed or used.

The condition or defects of the systems with which the product is used or on which it is integrated, except in the case of other IDcapt products intended to be used with the product
The use of the product with accessories, peripherals and other products whose type, condition and standards do not meet the requirements provided by IDcapt
Repairs made or attempted by persons other than the personnel or persons authorised by IDcapt
Modifications or adaptations made without the prior written consent of IDcapt, including the upgrading of the product beyond the specifications or functionalities described in the user manual, or modifications made to the product so that it complies with national or local technical or safety standards, in force in any country other than those for which the product was originally designed and manufactured
Accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibration, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, power surges, excessive or inadequate power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge, including lightning, other external forces and effects

3. Conditions of exclusions and restrictions
Apart from the above considerations, IDcapt does not offer any warranty (express, implied, statutory or otherwise), for the product or the software contained therein or accompanying it, regarding quality, operation, accuracy, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.

If this exclusion is not permitted, or only partially permitted, by the applicable regulations, IDcaptut excludes or restricts its warranties only to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable regulations.

Any warranty that cannot be fully excluded shall be limited (to the extent permitted by applicable law) to the duration of this warranty.

IDcapt’s sole obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace products that meet the terms of this warranty. IDcapt is not responsible for any loss or damage related to the products, to this warranty or otherwise, including: financial or intangible losses, the price paid for the product, loss of profits, revenue, data, enjoyment or use of the product or any associated product – indirect or incidental loss or damage.

This limitation applies whether or not the loss or damage is due to
A malfunction or non-functioning of the product or associated products due to defects or unavailability while at IDcapt, resulting in delays, loss of time for the user or interruption of activities.
Inaccuracy in the production of the product or associated products.

This applies to losses and deteriorations in any legal context, including negligence and other damaging acts, breach of contract, explicit or implicit guarantee, and unconditional liability (even when IDcapt has been informed of the possibility of these deteriorations).

Where applicable law prohibits or limits these exclusions of liability, IDcapt excludes or limits its liability only to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law. Some countries, for example, prohibit the exclusion or limitation of damage resulting from negligence, gross negligence, wilful misconduct, deceit and similar acts.

IDcapt’s liability under this warranty shall in no event exceed the price paid for the product, but if applicable law permits greater limitations of liability, the greater limitations shall apply.

* 5 years warranty on the IDcapt range of French made readers, excluding battery and display on some models.

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