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Desktop and Mobile Player

Bluetooth Mobile Player

Model: 7201-BT-V2

Turn your Android or iOS tablet into an advanced contactless reader

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DESfire® MIFARE security key configuration tool – DESfire® secure card generator


Technical specifications:

Power supply 12V DC (+- 10%)
Connection Cable, 50cm (standard size)
Current consumption 120mA max.
Operating frequency 13.56MHz
Communication speed Default: 115200 bp, configurable
Operating distance 1 – 5cm in RFID, NFC, BLE
Size in case L. 55,7 x l. 146,8 x h. 18 mm
Materials Injected hardened ABS
Weight 40g
Color Front : Grey anthracite, Back : White (customizable according to volume)
Steering LED, Buzzer
Operating temperature -20°C – +50°C
Protection IP65
Warranty  3 years

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